Untold tales

Inside the book, you’ll find magical untold tales accompanied by black and white illustrations and a captivating cover that has become one of our favorite assignments lately. And the greatest pleasure is to hold it in your hands after successful pre-printing and printing.

book copy

The inspiration

Every single character from the seven stories in the book can be an inspiration. Every single illustration we created for the book can help your imagination dive into the untold tales.

book copy
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Features of printing

The book has hard covers with a cover thickness of 2.5mm, 192 pages of 70g/m² offset body with color 1/1 (K/K) and 8 pages of force without print.

The first edition is 500 pieces.

untold tales book2
untold tales book1
untold tales book3


You can now find it in several physical bookstores and libraries. We also created a small but beautiful online store where you can order quickly and securely.

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